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StormLands an Island hopping adventure

The world is known as Valldim, long ago the world was peaceful and prosperous, then the time of destruction came, a powerful army from another plane attacked. After years of fighting the defenders of the world used powerful magics to destroy the portals the enemy used to invade from, but it had terrible side effects, two of the worlds three continents had been destroyed and only scattered islands laid in their wake, this caused the seas to lower and a ring of debris formed a ring around the planet (like saturn see this video of earth with rings). Slowly the people of the world recovered from the destruction, and new city states sprung up among the isles. (and among the rings in an astra sea type area)

But remnants of the army remain in various places now trapped on this plane, and other evils have appeared whereever they can.

this is where the adventurers come in.

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